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Expecting Abyssinian kittens in late August and Tonkinese kittens in early September.



Date of birth:  3/22/16 
Prairieridge Jamboree has been spayed and will be ready to go on August 12th - Reserved


Tonkinese kittens
Date of birth:  7/29/20



two natural point males



two natural point females


Tonkinese kittens
Date of birth:  7/29/20



blue mink female - reserved



platinum female



platinum female



blue mink male - reserved



blue solid male


Abyssinian kitten
Date of birth:  7/27/20


ruddy male - reserved


Our breeding cats are tested negative for Fel.V and Abyssinian's are also tested clear for
PK and PRA.

We are a "closed cattery", which means for disease protection, no females from our cattery go out for stud services, nor do we take in females from other catteries for stud service.

My kittens are bred for health and temperament
They are dewormed at six weeks and vaccinated at nine and twelve weeks
Kittens are ready for their new homes between the ages of 12-14 weeks
Shipping within the USA (Pet travel is suspended at this time)
kittens are registered with CFA and/or ACFA


A healthy diet is the basis to the long-term health of your kitten which is
why we feed a grain free diet.,

Dry and Wet food:  PawTree  www.Shop.PawTree.com

Raw Diet:  Primal Raw Frozen Formula


Nuvet Plus® Feline Powder

Immune System Support
Natural, Human Grade Ingredients
Made in the USA in an FDA-registered pharmaceutical laboratory

I enthusiastically recommend NuVet Plus immune system builder. It provides antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to help your kitten grow into
a healthy adult.  It is the best nutritional supplement available today for
kittens and adults.

Click on link below for more info and to place an order



Kittens shown below are from earlier litters - These kittens are sold

Natural Mink Tonkinese

Natural mink kittens

Ruddy Abyssinians

Ruby's males (10/18/13)
red and rudd



Kittens 5/08/13


Kittens 6/25/12

Champagne point Tonk male

Red Aby female

Ruddy Aby female

Platinum mink Tonk male

Platinum point Tonk male

Champagne mink male

Blue mink Tonk male

Red Aby female

Natural mink male

Blue solid male

Blue point Tonk female

Blue Aby male




Prairieridge is a CFA and ACFA registered cattery
Member of the Tonkinese Breed Association

Lisa Shelabarger
14127 61 street SE
Sheldon, ND 58068


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